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Nobody is stopping you from meeting a woman in Seattle or Maui ;) Women are everywhere...and you did live in NYC for 3 years...;)

I was going to have a friend over one Sunday evening for dinner when you were here but we went over to Aunty Janet's...she is quite athletic, adventurous, has traveled a lot, I think she's 41...maybe next time! :)


i agree with mauipixie...you can meet a woman anywhere. you have so much going for you. i think you should move to maui for a year, get it out of your system, then move back to ny.


Thanks, QB ;)

Yes, move to Maui for a year - like, like, like!! :) You should do it soon...ya never know what lies in the future for us :)

I moved to Maui in 1999, thinking it was only to be a year or so...10 1/2 yrs later, still here ;) But I had been planning to move when I started dating Steve (in 2003), so if Steve and I hadn't got together...

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